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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zen Rake

I believe that a Zen Garden Rake is a rake you use usually in sand to trace designs while meditating on the designs and the feeling of peace in your body as it moves the rake in the sand. I think that is the basics but I always thought the little rakes were a little dull while the sand always has rocks or shells adorning it.

When I saw these little rakes at my favorite Thrift Museum where I shop for supplies and inspiration I thought I must have a guardian Angel watching over me which had surly left these for me to find. So now I know what my newest project will be. I added polished rocks, shells and tiger's eye chips on a bright orange wire, blue "Coton Perle" twined string made in France, copper tape, tattered cloth and a round faceted glass drop to embellish this beautiful wooden Zen Rake.

You see it is never me that decides what materials I will use or what item I will work on or reincarnate, it is the materials that I am shown that decide. I am only the poor laborer whose arthritic hands do not know when to quit.

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