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Friday, September 16, 2011

Seller Blues

Is it just me or is everyone singing the "Seller Blues"? This little Ga Ga styled robot is hoping to be adopted by someone who loves glam with a bam, sizzle with a swizzle and bling with a swing.
She's not your everyday girl ... or Robot for that matter and she has brains, which are enclosed in glass at the back of her big beautiful Brown Eye. The Eye Robot is a unique gift for that unique fashionista friend.
As always I find the material pieces and let the creatures evolve. First I came across a bunch of never used little doll eyes at my favorite Thrift Museum. I checked around and found that they were probably from the 60's due to the packaging labels. Then I bought some cute tiny bottles and found that they fit to the back of the eye piece like it was meant to be. The "brains" are made by using pinkish red tint (brains are whitish but if you put them into a blender they bleed and it turns them pinkish red) and resins, beads, wires, varnishes, more tint and layer these allowing each layer to dry. I also toss in bits of fabric, threads, abalone chips, a sparkle or two and tiny odds and ends that litter my work space. The wire body worked perfectly because I loop the wire around the eye and on this piece you can tilt the eye for expression, reposition the hands and the angle of the eye or even take it out if you want then put it back in.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Absentminded Assemblage

I just began this little one without a clue as to what she wanted to be. I had on hand a white metal maniquin trinket that looked too lonely without a I made a clay head. She didn't want just ordinary hair so I found bits and pieces, wire and fabric and told her Lady Gaga did it all the time. Her fashionista flair for dress wear is a little too off the wall for me but she IS the Boss you know and I just the hired help.