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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Vampire Love Bite

Do you need something sexy to hide those Vampire Love Bites from that Twilight Moon Lover, see GothB4play's shop at etsy. I was roaming around blogging today and saw so many peeps going to New Years Eve Parties tonight, and I am going out too but I thought instead of taking a scarf along in case I met one of the immortals I should wear something a little sexier, A LOVE BITE CHOKER of course. Mine is different than the one shown here. All the chokers at my shops are one of a kind, there are no duplicates of the chokers and jewelry items. I just can't bring myself to make a lot of the same thing over and over. You can click on the link below for more information and thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year.
Vampire Love Bite Choker Unique One of a Kind for by gothB4play

Positive Energy

An Energy Vampire is someone who is in your life right now sucking all your positive energy out of you by their nasty remarks, snide comments or any of the other little negative tricks they have up their sleeve. This little vessel is charged with positive energy and has gemstone chips, strength colored glass chips and beads sealed inside with protective oil scents of lavender and sage all sealed inside. The gold toned metal chain is braided with tiny thin copper wire and amber colored seed beads so you can hang it up at your office, home entrance or car and let everyone know that they should beware should they be an ENERGY VAMPIRE before entering your space.

To see more just click the link below.
Positive Energy Protection Vessel to ward off by gothB4play

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lucid Dreaming Fun

Lucid Dreaming saved me from working at a job that I came to dislike very much after working there for seven years. I just do not like dreaming that I am there again working doing something I don't enjoy and as a dream, wouldn't you know that everything was not working as it should. You know that kind of dream, where your shoes don't fit right, you can't get the ink pen to work the buttons you push on anything don't work correctly. Then suddenly I knew I was dreaming, that is when a Lucid Dream begins and normal dreaming ends.

That is when all went right...I just created my very own "edit" button that did work. I edited the scenery to be that of a tropical island ordered one of those cute little drinks with an umbrella and ta dahhh I had my little bikini on and I sat down on a lounge chair and enjoyed myself. The problem is i usually "enjoy" myself too much and it wakes me up. I am going to have to work on that aspect of Lucid Dreaming. You know if you are going to dream anyway you might as well enjoy it. If you say you don't dream then you are just not aware that you do and not having much fun when you do and are wasting perfectly good hours just snoring. Have a fun and safe New Years Eve. The Fairy or Angel above was taken with my macro setting and then I really played a lot with the colors which I usually don't do much of, but I had posted her before and wanted her to look different and does she ever.
The DREAM INITIATIVE - Lucid Dreaming and Consciousness Research - Your Lucid Dream Group

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Energy Vampire Vessel

MysTICle MaGicAL UniQue Energy Vessel to ward by mystic2awesome << click underlined
Energy Vampires are everywhere and they are ready to suck your positive energy right out of you leaving you with nothing but negativity. They are those people at your office who offer nothing but nasty comments, they come into your home with nothing but criticism and thoughts to belittle you and they are on the roadways looking to suck your positive energy by cutting you off and honking their horns. Start 2010 off with an Energy Vampire Vessel to ward off those bringing gloom and doom into your space and sucking all your positive vibrations away from and out of you. For more views and information see my shop mystic2awesome.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Handmade design

This is a Lucid Dream art piece, and yes I do dream in color. If the dreamscape is not in color I can induce the change from black and white to color. If it is a drab dreary day in your dream you can change it into a sunny day at the beach, which is really fun if you live where I do and the rainy dreary days outnumber the sunny ones. I lived in Nevada for a number of years and I do miss that almost constant sun light. Lucid Dreaming is not something everyone can do at once, usually it takes knowledge and practice. I just can't sit around and let at least eight hours in my twenty four go by without enjoying them and learning from them. How many people can look forward to an adventure when they hit the sack at night. Not every night, mind you, but enough that it keep Lucid Dreaming fun.

Handmade design AltEred DoLL GoDdess BeWitcHing by gothB4play

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Incantaroma Protection Wooden Original Dolls by mystic2awesome
For protection from negative energy entering your space here are a set of two mystical folk dolls with aromatic wooden beads, turquoise chips, tattered fabric made from hand dyed wooden spools. Just click the link above for a look and more information. A great way to start the New Year of 2010 by banishing all negativity from entering your personal space, your car or your workspace and they make a cute statement piece of positive vibrations.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Betty Davis Eyes

This is my Darkling Doll with Betty Davis Eyes she is wearing a hand dyed blue dress with black tattered lace from a once loved evening gown standing on a base of glass, buttons and beads. To see more information just click on the link below and you can visit my little shop.

Betty Davis Eyes of Darkling Doll with Unique by gothB4play

She had some very nice Christmas Days and child love before she was tossed away in a box and put in the seller and then one day someone donated the box of toys to their favorite charity store. This is where I found her...just waiting there for a chance at a new life. She may be darker now, vampire like or a ghoulish girl but she still has those beautiful Betty Davis Eyes.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reduced Price

I have reduced the prices on some of my items at my shop hhtp:// so stop by and check them out. The link below is for a necklace of silver toned antiqued metal and aqua beads.
Aqua Release Choker with movable MEDITATION by mystic2awesome

This little warrior is my latest piece he is done in silver toned recycled jewelry, chains and pin piercings. He/she is also for sale in my shop with some warrior friends.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Angel Communication

The Oracle Card chosen for today is the DREAMTIME, this card means unlimited vision from your "carry over soul". Some people come into this life with a "carry over soul" which is why some find that they have been creatively endowed since birth. They carry a talent with them attached to theirs souls and so if one was talented in the Arts that talent carried over into the next life also. What ever your talent is this card reminds us to be aware of our dreams and that we can find "vision" or inspiration from our dreams that can enhance our abilities. This is one of my favorite oracle cards, because I think it speaks about Lucid Dreaming as a way to enhance our talents. Keeping a Dream Journal is one way to bring us closer to using our dreams for creative purposes.

MARRY ME Velveteen Ring Holder pillow OF LOVE by mystic2awesome

Sunday, December 20, 2009


HandMADE Art Deco One Of a KinD RiNg HolDer GLOVE by gothB4play
Check out the Goth Ring Holder at my shop, it a black glove that has been stuffed with soft cloth and recycled plastic and sewn shut with recycled brooch pin and jewelry parts and pieces. It's a perfect gift for anyone goth of not, black is elegant.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Son of Right-Hemisphere Laboratory

Son of Right-Hemisphere Laboratory
Please click the link above for a funny, hilarious blog site an absolute favorite of mine.
I as so happy you received Guinevere before Christmas. Rich,I appreciate your blog piece about her and my blog and shops at etsy. I know she will love Colorado, I know I did when I visited there.

By gothB4play

AlteRed ActiOn FiGure Beorgthere the WarRior in the by gothB4play
Click on the link above to see my unique one of a kind, raging to go mystically altered recycled action figure with once loved faux jewels, gems .

Friday, December 18, 2009

Twibite Moon

Twilight Twibite Moon is a macro Lucid Dream Art piece of my own making. The colors were NOT digitally enhanced except for a little touch on the sharpness. This was done in the dark with two little colored lights and one prop and I like the shapes and colors of the piece which is more vivid with the stark black of the background. You are welcome to use the image for non commercial use if you would like, if you do please mention my blog or shops and I will be forever grateful.

Gothic Bride and Groom Cake Topper by mystic2awesome on Etsy

Please click on the link above to see more of mystic2awesome.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

mystic2awesome on Etsy

Fairy Frenzy Bracelet Cuff by mystic2awesome on Etsy

This link has information on my fabric Bracelet Cuff with a little polymer clay fairy face surrounded by faux pearls and real natural polished coral.

Final Survivor is Sunday Dec. 20th and I am hoping anyone wins except for Shorty guy Russell the Rat, and the only oil he owns is in his head no wonder he doesn't have any room there for brains because his ego and all that oil takes up all the space.

Oracle Card

The random Oracle Card chosen today is...where is that deck of Oracle Cards when I need them....O.K. here we go. The card drawn is the Decision Card, this card means that there is something you have been thinking about making a decision about. This card tells you that you should trust your instincts, your heart, your experiences and make this decision and then stick to your decision no matter what others may think. If you have been balking about this decision remember that making the decision requires courage to make any new change in your life and yes, it may be difficult but you can not move forward and be happy with yourself if you remain in this bog of indecision.

This girl with the crazy headdress is going to be my new avatar at I had been using my green thing avatar seen with my profile but I was afraid it might be scary to some and my mystic2awesome shop is anything but scary. Now the gothB4play shop that one is a little scary but that's my darker side and as we know you can't have rainbows without a little stormy rain cloud. Thanks for stopping by and I'm wishing all out there a very Happy Holiday and a New Year full of Champagne wishes and Beer Kisses.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MisTreSs MarGoTha with FaCe pieRcinGs and TatToo and by gothB4play

MisTreSs MarGoTha with FaCe pieRcinGs and TatToo and by gothB4play

Hope you enjoy this link it is from my shop at etsy where I sell my little creatures. All items are recycled items the jewelry, beads and metals are all from jewelry that was once loved and admired but now tossed aside as worthless of a life. I hope you will decide to own one and allow it to have a new wonderful and exciting life in your home. All items are cleansed first of all negativity using sea salts, scents, smudging, rainbows, moon beams and dew drops.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lucid Dreaming Info

A Fool's Guide to Lucid Dreaming If I did this right you should be able to click on the aforementioned "guide" and get some interesting information on Lucid Dreaming. It's an interesting article and a person could actually "teach" themselves to wake up or "edit" your dream when having a nightmare. You could ask questions of the "people" in your dream to see what they might reveal to you. The little person in green is Kokopelli sitting near a large joshua tree under the setting sun considering which of his spirit guides he might speak to during his Lucid Dream (digital camera on macro setting).

Monday, December 14, 2009

Lucid Dream Inspiration

After practicing my Lucid Dream techniques of asking myself several time during the day "Am I dreaming now?" and looking at something to read (if it is gibberish or hard to read your probably dreaming) and then watching a subliminal video piece on Lucid Dreaming I hit the sack. The next thing I know I am hanging lizards up to dry on an old outdoor cloths line. You would think my brain would know that this was a dream, but at the time my brain can not tell the difference. Next, I am taking pictures of someones ear which is covered with a green fungus, yech, because I thought the pattern was interesting. Still no brain recognition. Then I ask myself (out of habit) "Am I dreaming now? And I suddenly realized that YES, I was. At this point I CAN to a degree control the course of my dream. Sometimes I go to Vegas, sometimes I go to the ocean, sometimes I try to fly and sometimes I go to my workshop in this dream scape and try to create something new. Usually I get so excited that I wake myself up and upon waking I do not move a muscle. Moving causes you to forget the dream. I go over the dream a couple of times, enjoying the memories and sights and silliness. Then I roll over and start jotting down the dream into my dream journal. Believe me, when it works it's a lot of fun! I will let you know in a few weeks what I dreamed up in my dream work shop. The girl pictured here is a little Amazon warrior, or maybe a gypsy with a third eye or whatever YOU want her to be.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Voodoochilli Fun

I found a really fun site, thanks to Frankenbarry's blog favorites, it's called voodoochilli and you can post up to 7 pictures for free and people look at them and sometimes give you feedback. This is one of the pictures I uploaded to the site. I was just playing around with lighting, glass, paint and my digital camera. I thought I came out pretty good for a novice. I call it Lucid Dream of Blue, or maybe its a moon with a space ship in front of it or...who knows. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great Blogs

The picture is of my avatar for my second shop at etsy which has items from my darker side and it's called "gothB4play".

I am enjoying bouncing around and reading other blogs but the best I have found is a great and really crazy blog by Frankenbarry at the and it's full of fun illistrations, quips, quotes and absolutely awesome art, if you get a chance you have to check it out. I was hoping I copied the blog site so you could click on it from here, but maybe I didn't do it right, so click on the link from my blog list. I guarantee you will enjoy it.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weird Christmas

Are you dreaming of a Weird Christmas with a Female CyberBorya hot mean chick under the tree. She has piercings on her face or are they nails and lots of colored wire going in and out of her body. She is adorned with gems and jewlels all recycled of course once loved and now useful again as body armor. For more info you can see her at and this is her on a good hair day.

Dream Hell or Help

Dream Hell is where you are in a dream and want to wake up but can't, want to move but can't or want to scream but can't. The simple act of realizing that you ARE in a dream will cause you to wake up because at that point you question your own mind and the dream sequence becomes interrupted. It is a fun thing when you begin to control some of the scary things that happen in dreams, but it's not good to do it too often because the mind needs out of control dreams sometimes. I think this little guy is a Hell Brat I just finished him and it was fun and his piercings didn't hardly hurt at all. To see more on him go to

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Twilight Christmas

I expect this Christmas to be a Twilight Christmas of wants and needs based on the Twilight Moon series with gifts along the gothic and mythical styles which are now in my new shop that I just started at These are not your usual commercialized things everyone else can get, these items are one of a kind items that will never be duplicated or mass sold.
I am still learning how this internet selling works, so bear with me, but I am having so much fun just learning, creating, and trying new things. If you look for a unique vintage type crafting gift try clicking on the link below.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nyx Goddess

Nyx means Goddess of the Night and is handcrafted of polymer clay and decorated with jewels, a tombstone, huge bug, crystal ball, gem stones and recycled odds and ends. She just had a bad hair day and the gown she has on is designed by non other than the famously dead "Vampsace", too bad she had to dig it up first.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Angel Oracale Card

The Oracle Card randomly chosen for today is the "New Love" Card. The card does not necessarily mean that you will find a new passionate love although that could be one possibility. It could also mean a new change in your relationship, new creative love, new path you are traveling or something new to love in your life. This being the end of the year and rough times for a lot of people out there I'm glad that the Angel Cards bring hope and inspiration. If you are one of those who try to avoid changes of any kind please remember that sometimes change can bring something new into your live that you in time will love and appreciate. I'm going to be watching today for that "new love" and hope that I will recognize it when it happens along.

Meditation Wands

Meditation Wands with glass stem and unique art work to focus and meditate with or it could be the coolest swizzle stick ever or maybe a accupressure stimulator? Tomorrow I'll chose a card from one of my many Oracle Cards and give you a Angel inspired motivational Morsel for your day.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vampires Everywhere

Vampires are everywhere these days or I should say nights and it's not your regular blood sucking type that I'm talking about. I'm talking about all the Energy Vampires that prey upon you every time you turn around. Before you even get out the door in the morning there is the news stations which seem to capitalize on the BAD NEWS and the more there is the better they like it. Just hearing the news in the morning saps your positive energy levels which starts your day on a negative note rather than positive. Then you get into your car and there it is again on the radio, or the car behind you wants you to go faster and tailgates and there it is another ENERGY VAMPIRE. The biggest and baddest is usually at your work place, because that ENERGY VAMPIRE love to "think up" new ways to suck your positive energy out of you to push those negative vibrations into your body, mind and soul by the ugly comments they throw your way. Just type in mystic2awesome in your google search bar and see more about ENERGY VAMPIRE protection dolls and vessels.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Robot Humanoid cohabitation

My very first attempt in the alteration of an action hero into a simulated biomechanic offspring of Robot and Humanoid cohabitation and ultimate coexistance. O.K. so I made a robot thingy out of discarded jewelry and junk. I had fun doing it and just may do it again, only I think it needs to go a little darker perhaps.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Halloween Decoration

Living in an apartment I have scaled down on my Halloween decorations this year. I am picking up small porcelain or china dolls at my favorite THRIFT MUSEUM and altering their looks just for Halloween. This doll is wearing a gown by the famous underworld designer "VAMPSACE", beautifully gothic in blacks, silvers and purples with faux diamonds as embellishments and her own hand made black tattoo of a spiderweb on her neck, a snake on her arm and brambles around her upper arm. She is only 4 inches tall and you can see her and her friends at or just google me, mystic2awesome.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The darkside of Lucid Dreaming

This is my brain while Lucid Dreaming of the dark side, sorry I guess I need to work a little more on that dark side part. You can take this photo and turn it upside down if you feel better that way, that's the great thing about abstract art! I have had my digital camera since my birthday in July and I have always loved creating things especially things with lots of color. My site at Etsy has a light side and a dark side. I think my avatar is a little on the dark side, but I just don't like getting my picture taken and I have never been too photo friendly. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to leave them here, I am willing to learn and there are about a billion things I don't know about photo Art. I think I should go and explore my darker dark side now....where are my chains and I know my dagger is here somewhere....and I have a tattoo, it's on my hand it's an exact replica of a freckle only blueish green.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lucid Dreaming Photography

Oh that was way too fun, I had my camera in my dream! I think blogging about Lucid Dreaming and posting some of my macro photos helped me focus on adding this to my dream. I did become aware that I was dreaming and that I had a camera, I went to a place I have gone before and took a few pictures of the rooms and rooms and rooms that I sometimes encounter. I did not get lost, usually if I become aware that I am dreaming I can go where I want so I am never lost in those dreams.

So many people tell me that they never or hardly ever dream. That's not true, they just don't remember their dream. Dream amnesia occurs almost immediately upon awakening, usually as soon as you even move a muscle the amnesia sets in. When you first wake DO NOT MOVE, not even a finger, think about your dream, go through your dream from beginning to end. Then write the dream down. You may find that a partial amnesia is present if you go back a day or two later and read what you wrote. You know you wrote the information down, it's your hand writing but you may not remember dreaming some of the details. It's a really strange feeling to realize that you have forgotten details. You will get better, and have more dreams when you start to focus and write about your dreams. Why do this? Because how else can you afford to go to Las Vegas and Rome in the same night?

PAIN and Interactive Imagery

Interactive Imagery as with most meditation techniques can ease most pain, I not saying it can cure the problem but it can help. Use images of places that make you feel happy and comfortable, go to that place in your mind. Feel the atmosphere around you, the textures below you, in your hand, on your face and focus on what they feel like and how they comfort you. If it is a warmth you enjoy then let that warmth come into the area where the pain is and imagine the pain becoming less and less as you focus on that warmth. If it is a cooling sensation you enjoy use the same method by using the coolness that you enjoy to melt away the pain. If you need visual stimulation to feel that perfect comfort you can use a soothing picture and use the technique to imagine yourself there in the picture and "feel" the textures around you. You own mind can do wonderful things if you put it to use focusing on "good" rather than the pain, you don't want to create new wrinkles in your brain by "thinking" of the pain, but rather create new wrinkled pathways in your brain that link the pain to comforting thoughts.