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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Club Clutch

I call this a Club Clutch, I'll have to check to see if anyone else is using that term for a small clutch purse which holds the bare minimums and has a chain long enough to go over your shoulder and neck. Just having some fun finding some new things to decorate, alter or reincarnate.

I chose my Oracle Card randomly from a deck of Cards today and chose that ole' Burden Basket Card. I really dislike choosing this card. It seems everyone has a burden basket even you, dear reader. This is where you carry all your worries, burdens and troubles and sometimes even those of others or you allow others to carry your burdens for you. To be more self reliant one must focus on the positive ahead of us rather than what is in our Burden Baskets. Picking this card tells one that they should pay attention if they are focusing too much on their burdens or the burdens of others. It is a good thing to worry about others but you should also allow others to become self reliant and let them carry their own bundles themselves or they will be unable to grow. I really dislike having this card turn up, but I suppose I needed it otherwise it wouldn't have popped up today. Enjoy your day today and don't let that "Burden Basket" get the best of you.

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FrankenBarry said...

Awesome design... beautiful colors!