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Friday, April 2, 2010

Spirit Jar witch Bottle Container

It has been said that mischievous sprits are drawn to certain colors, stones and elements and dangles or tassels confuse them. I took that knowledge and created a Spirit Jar to attract the spirits that hide your car keys and shoes. Once in side the jar the silly spirit gets confused and is trapped inside no longer playing the tricks that drive you nuts. There is plenty for him to do inside and to keep him happy playing there. No harm comes to the spirit. Of course this is for entertainment purposes only and for adult use only, not recommended for children (they would not fit inside anyway).

There are small polished rock chips, shell, coral, beads, jewelry pieces and other odds and ends to many to list which makes this little Jar a pretty thing to sit on a shelf near a window so the sun can play with the colors. I used many different recycled jewelry pieces in making the jar and many pieces which were broken and useless have now been reincarnated into something new and exciting and all are happy with their new look.


Marie S said...

The spirit jar is gorgeous Emme!
Have a great weekend!!

Emme Toaye said...

Thanks Marie, I'm glad you liked my Spirit Jar! I am going to have a great weekend regardless of what the weather may have in mind. Hope yours is fun and sunny!