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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gypsy Globe Holder

This piece was created using a gold toned metal "Partylite" piece and a gold toned metal napkin ring.  You can place your fortune telling ball or gazing globe on this to display it.  There are various buttons, beads and odds and ends which embellish it in a dazzling style.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Altered Bottle Art

A little altered perfume bottle altered into Art using green tint, frosted resin, clear water base varnish and silver paint swirled inside the bottle producing a beautiful one of a kind design.

 Let the insides dry a bit and sprinkle fine diamond point glitter dust inside along with a few tiny seed beads and shake the bottle to distribute them around the inside of the bottle.  The excess liquids will run to the bottom sprinkle a few more beads of various sizes that you want to adhere to the bottom and let the bottle dry for at least a few hours until dry.  The more liquids inside the longer it will take to dry and the deeper the bottom resins will be.  I like a light touch myself and sometimes have to turn the bottle upside down to let some drizzle out.

After the insides are dry you can put loose items inside such as more beads, polished rocks, gemstones, crystal beads depending on the size of the bottle opening. 

I call my bottles Spirit Bottles because I believe the gemstones and things inside the bottle will attract those pesky spirits who play pranks on you like hiding your car keys or making your oatmeal boil over.  The spirits will be happy playing with the items inside your bottle and stop playing their pranks.  I like to permanently seal the top of my bottle thereby keeping both gemstones and spirits inside the bottle, some like to leave the stopper unsealed releasing the spirits.  See more bottles at my mystic2awesome shop at Etsy.