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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zen Rake

I believe that a Zen Garden Rake is a rake you use usually in sand to trace designs while meditating on the designs and the feeling of peace in your body as it moves the rake in the sand. I think that is the basics but I always thought the little rakes were a little dull while the sand always has rocks or shells adorning it.

When I saw these little rakes at my favorite Thrift Museum where I shop for supplies and inspiration I thought I must have a guardian Angel watching over me which had surly left these for me to find. So now I know what my newest project will be. I added polished rocks, shells and tiger's eye chips on a bright orange wire, blue "Coton Perle" twined string made in France, copper tape, tattered cloth and a round faceted glass drop to embellish this beautiful wooden Zen Rake.

You see it is never me that decides what materials I will use or what item I will work on or reincarnate, it is the materials that I am shown that decide. I am only the poor laborer whose arthritic hands do not know when to quit.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Recycling Fabrics

Some of the most beautiful vintage woven fabrics for crafting are found at some of the most inexpensive prices ever! Yes, I am talking about all of those neckties from years gone by that no man in his right mind would ever wear (or hardly ever) in this year of 2010 and all the way up until the end of time in 2012, or whenever.

I started using the small end of the tie about 6 inches worth and sewing the ends to an elastic band making a beautiful fabric Cuff that would stretch so you could slide it onto your wrist. Of course I cannot for the life of me just leave something as is without embellishing it a bit with beads, lace, appliques, buttons and anything else that strikes my fancy.

Then I saw a use for the big end, I cut off about 6 inches of it and folded the cut end inside making a wonderfully useful pouch bag for packaging some of my jewelry pieces. They worked amazingly well and were well received by all who bought a piece of jewelry and I even got some requests for them alone.

Then I was left with fabric that was about an inch and a half in width at one end and slightly larger at the other end, Oh what to do! About that time I took a little time off to visit the Coast and came back with some driftwood pieces which I thought would make nice Wands and as I was making the Wands I noticed that these pieces of fabric were perfect for fabric sheaths for the Wands. My Wands are still in production but I have sold a few of the Wand Sheaths already and have placed a few in my shops. It is interesting how one idea begets another and another and I love the idea of recycling and reincarnating something once useful into something that once again has a chance at a second time around. I suppose I am a lot like those fabric neckties for I believe I have been recycled a few times myself and am grateful for the experience and adventures.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blessed Be

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"Always keep your ideals high enough that you have to keep stretching to reach them" an anonymous quote which is one of my favorites, and not because I am only five foot one and a half.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Medicine Bag

This piece was inspired by the Medicine Bags that the Native Indians used but gone a little 2010 wild. I recycled a never used purse with hand made beaded flower and hand made wire bead dangles with lots of beads, shells, and polished rock chips, and the focal is a key and chain brooch and silver colored recycled buttons. For the back side you can visit my little shops at etsy where I have five views of this piece and a more detailed description and measurements.

I love finding new homes for my Altered Art Pieces and it's exciting to learn where they will be going to live and who they will be sharing new adventures with. Pardon the sparseness of my posts lately I am still singing the "Computer Blues" and just switched from McAlfee to Norton to help find the little troublesome spots in my system that are conflicting with some other troublesome file or whatever. Heck, my system is just old and that doesn't just mean my computer either. So if you expect to see a new post and it isn't there on some days it's not me it's my spiteful computer.....ooops I mean my poor pitiful overworked little computer.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Healing Wishes

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I am sending out Healing Wishes to all and hope your Saint Patrick's Day is a great one. I was out yesterday trying to find Fairies in the woods and took a few pictures. It is impossible to catch a picture of fairies because they are always just a quick movement in the corner of your eye. I thought I'd post a few pictures anyway, but my computer just gets stuck loading....and loading...and loading. So, I finally just gave up and thought I'd post a "Healing" photo from Magick Graphics to help heal my poor computers mind. Maybe tomorrow I'll try again.

I brought home interesting roots, vines, pictures and pieces of bark and other little items that caught my eye. The fun is just beginning!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Recycling memories

This piece just sold this last week and has a new home elsewhere and I had to say goodbye, but it's always interesting to see where my art pieces are going to be living their new life. I believe that a positive part of me goes with them on their journey to their new phase in their long, exciting life. Some day years from now someone may see them or a part of them and wonder where they began their journey and who loved them.

My mother used to make patchwork quilts when I was a little girl. She used pieces of cloth from an old dress that my grandmother wore to church, another patch piece from one of my favorite dresses I had out grown or maybe a piece from a birthday blouse she once wore. Each and every piece of cloth on that quilt had it's own story to tell. I loved looking at it for hours and hours and reciting each the story to myself about each and every cloth patch on that beloved quilt. What are some of your favorite recycling stories?

Friday, March 12, 2010


Thank God it's Finally Fun Friday!!! I have been waiting all week for today and it just did NOT get here quick enough. My hubby is making me brownies in the kitchen while I am playing with my little Cyborgs which I reincarnated from old Star Wars action figures using old jewelry pieces. You may recognize these outfits when you see them on Project Runway next episode. Just kidding! No work today, just and more play!

I have been looking for more of these little guys at my favorite Thrift Museum because they are so much fun to play with. I have bought broken jewelry by the Jar a few times and it is like Christmas to open the jar up and go through it broken piece by broken piece. You never know what you will find and how it will inspire you to create. I have given a couple of them names taken from a list or Warriors from Greek, Roman, Celtic and so forth names. It is so interesting the names they come up with for Warriors in the listings and it gives you the meanings of each on the google search thingy. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Fun Friday.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sorry guys

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Thank you Debra for my Beautiful Blogger Award, and now to pass the privilege on.
O.K. I tried again to copy that blogger award thing and pass it on and it is not working out for me...I may have to give it back to you, Debra. Let's see now, I go there, copy this and...come back and paste here...nope, just not working.
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I am a beautiful blogger! Thanks "Debra, she who seeks", I am going to pass this award along to 15 other bloggers as soon as I figure out how to copy that award thingy. But until then thank you so much for thinking of me.

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Mystical March Madness

"You can do anything you want to do. What is rare is this actual wanting to do a certain thing: wanting it so much that you are practically blind to all other things, that nothing else will satisfy you." a quote by painter Robert Henri, from his book The Art Spirit. This is a quote I have kept close, because it helps to know that I am not the only crazy person out there. I have always been a creative person, when my cousins were playing with paper dolls I was busy designing my own dolls.

With my bad eyesight I spent time drawing in school so my teachers would think that I was copying the homework from the chalk board. Then after class I would copy the notes from a friend's paper close up. Didn't tell anyone I couldn't see the chalk board, didn't want to be different and now days I strive to be different. Here are a couple of my little altered dolls one for the light side and one for the darker side of my shops at etsy. I thought photographing them on the green would fit in with St. Patrick's day and the madness of March. I started my first shop out with beaded jewelry, but there is a ton of competition out there for jewelry, so I started looking for other things that I could put beads on. The toy section at my favorite Thrift Museums are full of these little "once loved" little dollies just waiting to be loved once again. It's really exciting to know that they are going somewhere to live a new life in another town, state or even another country.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mystic Accessories

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Everyone needs Mystic Accessories, medicine bags, bags to carry your most precious of tools or a nice mystical sheath to carry your wand with style. I started out creating unique jewelry pieces from recycled, broken unused jewelry parts and found there to be so much competition that I changed direction. Now everything I look at I wonder how it will look if I dress it up a bit.

I just can't see a wonderful piece of jewelry left to gather dust because of a broken clasp, beads that have lost their color or metal that has seen better days. Each piece was once someone's pride and joy when bought new and each one has been loved and admired at one time. Maybe some day someone will look at me and see the color faded and the charm a little tarnished and will give me another chance to reinvent or reincarnate myself.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sweet Dreams

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Dragons are one of my favorite creatures, seen from a distance of course, they are so magical and strong and can fly. I have been trying to change into a dragon in my Lucid Dreaming experiments lately and have had no luck at all. Then again I should have expected little else because I am afraid of flying in the real world so why should it be much different when I have the remote control and can edit my dreams (sometimes). Better luck next time I guess, and sweet dreams to all.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Club Clutch

I call this a Club Clutch, I'll have to check to see if anyone else is using that term for a small clutch purse which holds the bare minimums and has a chain long enough to go over your shoulder and neck. Just having some fun finding some new things to decorate, alter or reincarnate.

I chose my Oracle Card randomly from a deck of Cards today and chose that ole' Burden Basket Card. I really dislike choosing this card. It seems everyone has a burden basket even you, dear reader. This is where you carry all your worries, burdens and troubles and sometimes even those of others or you allow others to carry your burdens for you. To be more self reliant one must focus on the positive ahead of us rather than what is in our Burden Baskets. Picking this card tells one that they should pay attention if they are focusing too much on their burdens or the burdens of others. It is a good thing to worry about others but you should also allow others to become self reliant and let them carry their own bundles themselves or they will be unable to grow. I really dislike having this card turn up, but I suppose I needed it otherwise it wouldn't have popped up today. Enjoy your day today and don't let that "Burden Basket" get the best of you.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Thanks for your Comments

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Thanks Rue and Debra for you continued support and comments. I have been soooo lazy since getting back from my short...too short vacation. I did get a few things finished up, photographed and listed at my shop and now I am starting on some of the driftwood I found. I only brought back small pieces because I don't have that much space to store things. For a little color to add to some of the driftwood pieces I am using food coloring because it just seems to be a more natural thing to use. Driftwood pieces sometimes get a faded washed out look and I really love color.