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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Recycling Fabrics

Some of the most beautiful vintage woven fabrics for crafting are found at some of the most inexpensive prices ever! Yes, I am talking about all of those neckties from years gone by that no man in his right mind would ever wear (or hardly ever) in this year of 2010 and all the way up until the end of time in 2012, or whenever.

I started using the small end of the tie about 6 inches worth and sewing the ends to an elastic band making a beautiful fabric Cuff that would stretch so you could slide it onto your wrist. Of course I cannot for the life of me just leave something as is without embellishing it a bit with beads, lace, appliques, buttons and anything else that strikes my fancy.

Then I saw a use for the big end, I cut off about 6 inches of it and folded the cut end inside making a wonderfully useful pouch bag for packaging some of my jewelry pieces. They worked amazingly well and were well received by all who bought a piece of jewelry and I even got some requests for them alone.

Then I was left with fabric that was about an inch and a half in width at one end and slightly larger at the other end, Oh what to do! About that time I took a little time off to visit the Coast and came back with some driftwood pieces which I thought would make nice Wands and as I was making the Wands I noticed that these pieces of fabric were perfect for fabric sheaths for the Wands. My Wands are still in production but I have sold a few of the Wand Sheaths already and have placed a few in my shops. It is interesting how one idea begets another and another and I love the idea of recycling and reincarnating something once useful into something that once again has a chance at a second time around. I suppose I am a lot like those fabric neckties for I believe I have been recycled a few times myself and am grateful for the experience and adventures.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Very inventive! I've seen skirts and handbags made out of ties, too.

The Frog Queen said...

You are clever. I have to say when I got my order I was suprised to find how you made the bag. I had big smile on my face wishing I could be that clever.

Amazing stuff....BTW - did you see my post of your lovely stuff? And I have you as my Etsy shop of the "moment" :)

Great work!


Emme Toaye said...

Thanks Debra, I googled skirts from neckties and was surprised at all the colors and textures!

Emme Toaye said...

Oh Frog Queen, you are the sweetest person with the sweetest hubby ever! I haven't been visiting much lately because my computer gets bogged down and "unresponsive" (it's latest excuse). Just looked at your site and saw my little beaded avatar girl featured and was blown away by your kindness! Thank you so much! I love it! If I could figure out how I'd return the favor.