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Friday, November 26, 2010

Statement Piece

Never worry again about wearing the same dress to any party as your arch rival! This little fabric statement piece will ensure that your dress is a unique one of a kind piece that will never be duplicated. In bright aqua and yellow greens and a sash that complements these colors with a dark brown leaf relief that can be worn long or short depending on how you tie it. This piece will enhance any dull or dowdy dress making it a big WOW for the next party or gala event of the year. Check out other unique gift choices at

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lucid Dreaming Cuff

The best Lucid Dreaming technique I have found is the Reality Check technique. This technique involves asking yourself through out the day this question, "Am I dreaming NOW?" and then doing something to show that YES you ARE or NO you ARE NOT dreaming. The Reality Check can be something as simple as reading something, looking away and then looking back to see if the writing has changed. In a dream the writing changes from one look to the next. YOU ARE DREAMING! At this point you become the director in your own dream, able to "edit" the dream as you wish.

By wearing this pretty bracelet cuff, every time you look at it it will remind you to do a Reality Check. You will get so used to asking these questions that they will become automatic and you will ask the questions, and do the reality check in your dreams as well. Lucid Dreaming is a well established method of dealing with nightmares. You can change a monster into a less scary cute movie star or you can change the location of the dream into a beautiful not scary vacation spot. Try it, you'll fall in love with dreaming all over again, and again.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Playing with Polyvore

I'm taking a little break this morning and playing with polyvore and fashion NOT using real materials but virtual digital collage. As you can see I need a lot of practice but it's fun learning something new, and that helps keep the old brain cells sharpened up. I love teals and thought the splash of purple would be a visually stunning pairing. I always loved getting the bigger crayola box of crayons with more than just the usual primary colors plus seven (did I count that right?). I would start out trying to color inside the lines, then I would always end up embellishing what was outside the lines or the background. Never being satisfied I would just keep coloring never accepting the fact that the picture was finished and I always ended up muddying and cluttering the whole picture ruining it. But I had fun doing it and still do although I hope I have a little more control now days.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Incantation Jar

Incantation Jar, Mystical Jar, teardrop Jar, Cut Glass Jar by mystic2awesome

From mystic2awesome

Incantation Jar, Mystical Jar, teardrop Jar, Cut Glass Jar by mystic2awesome
Incantation Jar, Mystical Jar, teardrop Jar, Cut Glass Jar by mystic2awesome Incantation Jar, Mystical Jar, teardrop Jar, Cut Glass Jar by mystic2awesome Incantation Jar, Mystical Jar, teardrop Jar, Cut Glass Jar by mystic2awesome Incantation Jar, Mystical Jar, teardrop Jar, Cut Glass Jar by mystic2awesome Incantation Jar, Mystical Jar, teardrop Jar, Cut Glass Jar by mystic2awesome
Incantation Jar. Mystical Jar. Teardrop topped Jar. Inspiration Jar of Gems by mystic2awesome. Do you need some extra inspiration and creativity in your crafting? This decorative Inspiration Spirit jar has been designed using mystical gemstones and beads of amethyst, agate,glass chips, polished rocks, crystals then incantations attracting creativity and inspiration.

Incantation Jar. Mystical Jar. Spirit Jar. Mystical Bottle by mystic2awesome. The top of the Incantation jar has a clear chandelier teardrop glass piece which seals the Spirit Jar with beads, silver colored jewelry pieces, buttons, angel, starfish, heart and beads. The Mystic Jar is hand decorated and embellished inside with silver paint, varnish, magenta colored inks, and enamels swirled with lacquers displaying lots of textures and shapes.

The bottom of the cut glass Inspiration jar has a beautiful silvered metal base which was once a part of an ornate belt of unknown age. There are lots of pretties scattered around the base of the glass Spirit jar such as buttons, mother of pearl and jewelry pieces and much more too many to mention them all. This Mystic Jar is for entertainment purposes and for focusing your positive energy into creative energies, the magic is truly in YOU.

Approximately 4 1/4 inches tall and 3 inches wide.

Not recommended for children, Adult use only.

PLEASE use caution with glass parts.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lucid Blues

Lucid Blues are among my bedtime thoughts along with insomnia, nocturnal wanderings through my house at midnight and reading anything boring when trying to catch a good nights sleep. I practice Lucid Dreaming because it's better than nightmares and I had hopes that making my nightly journey more exciting I would sleep longer. It hasn't helped me sleep longer, but nightmares are fewer and my dreams are a lot more fun. For some reason you cannot have Lucid Dreams all of the time, so I sometimes go through Lucid Blues wishing for a fun dream or two.

Vitamin B6 has the effect of making your dreams very vivid and therefore if it's a nightmare it's much scarier than usual so be careful not to take that before bedtime unless your looking for a good scare.

Spirit Rehab

Spirits have pretty much the same kind of personality as they had in their living life. Hence the bad will be bad, the sad will be sad and the mischievous pranksters will of course be the ones who like to hide your keys and make your oatmeal boil over. So, sometimes a Spirit Rehab is the perfect way to entice those pesky spirits into an enclosure for a time out. If you would like to see some of my Spirit Rehab Jars complete with trinkets and dangles to keep the spirits entertained while inside check out my Etsy shops.

This little photo is of one of my Spirit Inspiration Jars, the incantations used for this one are supposed to attract creativity, focus and inspiration to you and your creative space. All items used are cleansed and empowered before they are used to eliminate any negativity.