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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jar Jar Stinks

Jar Jar Stinks
OMG one of my little creatures has made it to Regretsy. Yes, they made fun of it. Yes, they tore the little thing apart and my feeble attempt to describe it. I suppose I will live through this as tragic as it is and my heart will go on. There I go again, see that too regretsy would make fun of. The up side of this whole fiasco is that it got me a whopping 1700 views in one day. The really down, down side is that no one bought the litte terror of the recycled action figure reincarnated ones.

Ink Blot

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I used to love making ink blots and then looking and writing a little story to go with them or spreading the ink to make an animal or something from the senseless blot on the paper. The designs always amazed and entertained me in my childhood and here I am in my second childhood and still having fun with them. This is my first creation using Polyvore and I will get better at it, promise.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reincarnated alteration

What do you do with those jewelry pieces that you just aren't in love with any more or never were to begin with. I like to use mine to make something I will fall in love with, something I can put on my desk and say "aaahaaa, no one has one like this!". One like what, you say? This little princess can be anything you want her to be, a desk buddy, a new bff or a mystical sorceress to ward off all evil that lurks within your office on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy her and for more views just go to my little Etsy shop for a peek.

Monday, June 14, 2010

What is the difference between Exotic and Erotic

Fierce Fantasy
Fierce Fantasy by mystic2awesome

What is the difference between "Exotic" and "Erotic"...well actually a lot! I almost made a typo the other day when I made a treasury at Etsy and used the word Erotic when I meant to use Exotic. Luckly I caught it before I hit that darn "save" button. Or maybe not so may have gotten a little more attention that way.

This is my newly reincarnated little Gaga Goth Girl, totally different than my first attempt at Gaga, the lady herself has so many looks it's hard to keep up with her.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Paperweight Playmate

Fierceness and fashion all rolled into one and tiny enough to sit on your desk and remind you to be strong all day long and fight the fight against the tyranny of the office idiot you call boss.

This little treasure has been sitting in my shop too long, so today I thought I'd take another set of photos and really show off her sizzle and style. She used to be a little action figure of some kind and I gave her a much needed makeover, a few weapons and some crystals, beads and chains. She has one leg permanently attached to her base and you can reposition her other leg and her arms in lots of different poses. I think she's very happy with this new fierce look.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wild hair day

My latest little reincarnated doll is quite a menagerie or 3-D collage if you will. I wasn't quite sure what she wanted to be. I think I ended up with a Sea Nymph of some sort probably near Hawaii or Tahiti, but we had fun she and I with her new makeover. Usually I take the braided hair and put it up into a headdress, she kept taking it down until I finally let it go and gave into her wishes. The little jingle bells make a lot of noise if you shake her a little. Some nights I wake up to what I think are little jingle noises but haven't caught her in the act...yet. She is now ready for adoption in my little shop and there will never be another her and I am excited to think about where she might go to live her new life.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I love my digital camera

Classy Sassy
Classy Sassy by mystic2awesome

I love playing with my digital camera to see what weird photos will show up. This red bubble background was made at night using a glass paperweight, red and purple lights on colored fabrics and although I thought it would have been better if it were more clear, I think it came out fairly well. The Hair clip is one of my recycled jewelry reincarnations as is the beaded choker in the picture. I haven't had much time lately since I had been working "for the Man" or should I say "Uncle" Sam, that is with the Census Bureau and speaking of that, they sent me a notification reminding me that I am a sworn civil servant and I am not allowed to talk about my work with them.