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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Medicine Bag

This piece was inspired by the Medicine Bags that the Native Indians used but gone a little 2010 wild. I recycled a never used purse with hand made beaded flower and hand made wire bead dangles with lots of beads, shells, and polished rock chips, and the focal is a key and chain brooch and silver colored recycled buttons. For the back side you can visit my little shops at etsy where I have five views of this piece and a more detailed description and measurements.

I love finding new homes for my Altered Art Pieces and it's exciting to learn where they will be going to live and who they will be sharing new adventures with. Pardon the sparseness of my posts lately I am still singing the "Computer Blues" and just switched from McAlfee to Norton to help find the little troublesome spots in my system that are conflicting with some other troublesome file or whatever. Heck, my system is just old and that doesn't just mean my computer either. So if you expect to see a new post and it isn't there on some days it's not me it's my spiteful computer.....ooops I mean my poor pitiful overworked little computer.