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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Springtime Bird

This is an altered vintage perfume bottle with a beautiful feathered green bird perched on the top. The color green is nature's color and promotes growth, renewal and healing in the body, emotions and mind. For more shop items click:

The Spirit Jar has a perfume bottle with gemstones, turquoise chips, amethyst, tigers eye, shell chips, a crystal bead and odds and ends. Incantations for healing and renewal have been implemented during the making of this Pagan Bottle.

The Bird Art bottle sits upon a glass piece which was once a holder for a candle which has purple tint, diamond glitter dust and resins which show beautifully through the glass and bottom of the piece.

The altered bottle has a gold toned metal vintage jewelry flower permanently sealing the incantations inside the bottle. There are 4 dangles on the bottle one for each direction ie: North, East, South and West. Position the heart dangle in the direction where your heart is, my heart is in Nevada so I would put the heart dangle to the West. The other dangles are a gold tones ornate metal bead, rhinestone jewelry dangle from a necklace and an orange glass bead.

The bird has green feathers with little touches of green-gold Cherimoya crystal sand lacquer and is perched on top by a wire which can be positioned.

For ADULT use only, not recommended for children.