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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Healing Wishes

Healing Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

I am sending out Healing Wishes to all and hope your Saint Patrick's Day is a great one. I was out yesterday trying to find Fairies in the woods and took a few pictures. It is impossible to catch a picture of fairies because they are always just a quick movement in the corner of your eye. I thought I'd post a few pictures anyway, but my computer just gets stuck loading....and loading...and loading. So, I finally just gave up and thought I'd post a "Healing" photo from Magick Graphics to help heal my poor computers mind. Maybe tomorrow I'll try again.

I brought home interesting roots, vines, pictures and pieces of bark and other little items that caught my eye. The fun is just beginning!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a pleasant time in the woods! I'm not surprised the fairies eluded you. They're only seen if they want to be seen!

Emme Toaye said...

I left some things behind for the fairies to find so maybe when I go back they will be friendlier. I left a couple of cookies in case they get hungry and some little shiny trinkets from some of my Thrift Museum travels.