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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oracle Card for Today

The Oracle Card I picked today is the "Retreat" card. This card does not mean to give up it just means that you need to take a break, take a deep breath because today is not the time to start something new. That is a difficult task for some since they are always focused on creating new things in their life, their craft and their work. So today instead of starting a new project, new craft, new chapter you could take the time to do something which gives your mind a rest and replenishes your soul. This can be anything in which you take great pleasure, that which makes you feel at peace within yourself. This can be anything from taking a walk in a nature setting, meditating or even a mindless walk through a mall just to lose yourself in the crowd. Try not try to think of the reason why you are there but just enjoy that you are.

Lucid Dream of Patina Mushroom by Emme Toayeon - Your Free Online Portfolio -photography, print, macro, art, abstract, glass, fabric, lights, purple, turquoise, green, patina,
Tomorrow start again on the work projects, the new ideas and the new rested refreshed you. The link above is a fun place where you can post seven images of your creativity for free and have people rate it or leave you feedback. It's easy to use and upload, you can blog if you want or you can rate the creative efforts of others for free.

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Rue said...

Taking a break is always a good idea. Hope you had a nice one!