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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Child Within

There is always the child within to fall back on. Everyone has that child inside, you know the one. When you just have to splash in the puddles, when you get the urge to jump on that roller coaster and hold your hands up high and trust that the ride won't go off the tracks even though your stomach thinks it just might. Have a little fun today with that child inside and maybe introduce that child to your child over cookie dough or play dough. Everyone needs to let that inner child out once in a while and just have fun, have a good laugh see new things through those inner child eyes. What kind of things bring out the inner child in you?

Nymph on Pedestal for Garden Room by mystic2awesome on Etsy


FrankenBarry said...

Great piece. You have a wonderful signature style... I could pick your work out anywhere!

Emme Toaye said...

Thanks FrankenBarry, I really appreciate the encouragement, reading your blogs made it look like fun instead of work.