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Saturday, January 23, 2010


"MARRY ME" two little words that forever changes a "ME" into "US". The ring is a symbol of the Love that you will nurture and hold to your heart. Or for the guys out there what better way to present a ring to your one and only. And if you already have a jewelry box full of rings, what better way to display your rings and bracelets than a velveteen ring holder pillow.

As a celebration of our first home I planted a tree on my first anniversary in my new house, or rather I planted a twig. My husband thought I was crazy of course. As our married life together grew I could watch the tree grow.

I had my husband drive me around town until I saw the perfect Weeping Willow tree. I took a willow twig or small "switch" which is what my grandmother called them. I put the twig switch in a plastic cola bottle half full of water in the fall and keep it in your house. By spring the twig switch will have sprouted roots and you plant it.

I took two such twig switches one for my husband and one for me and them braided them together and then planted them. The tree will be stronger when two are wound together and will form an interesting tree because of the braiding. You can watch the two grow and become one tree, stronger because of the two who are now one.

MARRY ME Velveteen Ring Holder pillow OF LOVE by mystic2awesome


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Do you have a photo of the braided tree that you could post? I'd love to see it! It's a lovely, romantic thing to do.

Emme Toaye said...

I should have a picture somewhere, I'll look through my photos and see if I have some pictures. We sold the house two years ago when we moved to Oregon. When you cut the switches off the mother willow tree they should be about 24 inches long, this should be done in the fall. Put the twig switches in the bottle of water all the leaves will fall off but then you will start to see the roots growing from the bottom of the switch. You want to do this with more than just two switches in case some die.

Emme Toaye said...

I am still looking for a picture of that tree, I just thought I would always have the tree I guess.