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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fairy Friendly

I have been Fairy friendly for years and I just read about a type of fairy that I must have missed somewhere along the line. It is called a Sylphs, maybe the name is why it's just not as popular as some. This particular fairy or rather a Elemental of the air is the source of all life energy in the air around us. They cause tiny soft breezes and huge horrendous hurricanes and they are essential to our existence, so I have read. This being the inspiration for my newest creations of garden fairy nymphs that I am working on now. I like putting fairies on my crafts, my bags, my bracelets and my baskets. I therefore am fairy friendly except for those fairies that hide my purse, my keys and my shoes. For those fairies I have a little surprise to keep them in line at my etsy shop. Now those Sylphs, I will leave to others for I love the little sweet breezes and I'm not about to anger something that can blow a Hurricane or Tornado my way...been there done that.

Fairy Friendly Denim Jean Purse Bag with Beads by mystic2awesome


The Frog Queen said...

Just love that piece...I fancy myself fairy friendly too :D


Rue said...

Ah yes, Sylphs - they always seem to blow me a friendly breeze when I need it. Plus, they do like to play in the smoke from incense - nice airy shapes they take!

Emme Toaye said...

I am glad to see there are a lot of nice Sylphs and fairies out there with lots of nice friends like The Frog Queen and Rue!