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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mystical Magical Whimsical

Glass stemmed Mystical Magical Whimsical by mystic2awesome The "Focus Card" was randomly chosen today from my deck of cards, is somebody trying to tell me something today. This card tells of thoughts of focusing on what you have and want and not on what you don't have or don't want. You would think that no person would dwell on what they don't want but many do. Their whole lives are full of "What if this happens or that happens". Make a note that if you are one of these people that just has to dwell on these "Whats" add to that question these words "and what is the worst that could happen". Once you have faced what the very worst is it doesn't seem like it's quite as big of a mountain. You and only you can decide which thoughts you dwell on, so "choose" to dwell and focus on what you have and what you want and hold those thoughts in your heart and mind.

I carry my cards, my incense, my cleansing articles and such in a special Bag like the one shown and sometimes when I find something new at the beach or in the woods I add it to the decorations of my Bag so that it is always evolving and gaining strength to keep my treasured items safe and protected. What do you keep your special treasured stones, scents or potions in and what makes them special to you?

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FrankenBarry said...

The so-called designer handbags, like the Louis V's, can only wish they had this much personality! Keep it up, and they'll be selling Emme Toaye knock-offs all over the web!

My word verification for this post is "motheake"... what a great word! I think I need to illustrate some of these words.