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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Friendship Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

It seems that a hormone inside the body whose output can be triggered simply by hugging. This particular hormone is found in both male and female brains and spinal cords and is called Oxytocin. Not to be confused with other infamous prescription drugs sounding similar. Just a simple 10 to 20 second hug can change the whole outlook of the Monday you so dread to see or the Wednesday hump day or even the dastardly deadline day Friday. Hugging is also a great way of dispersing Energy Vampires, those who feed off your positive energy thereby replacing it with negative energy, they hate hugging and will often disappear quickly if they see a hug coming. Of course do be careful with the hugging because it can be potentially sex-enhancing and if you insist on hugging your mail carrier there is an immense danger of chaos when everyone starts getting their bills late.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love the sparkly graphics!

Geof said...

Hi Emme - Sent out your giveaway today. It's on its way now. Sorry for the delay. Please let me know when you receive it. =)