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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Protector of the Gods and Goddesses

Gods and Goddesses associated with the Earth element from very different cultures are as different as they are alike. All need a gallant worthy warrior to protect their Earthly gardens from peril and humankind. This is one of my reincarnated Star War's creatures, I think I have given this one an interesting background and I love his sterling silver shield (once an ear ring who lost it's life partner)

Pluto/Hades (Greco-Roman) god of underworld
Pan (Greek) god of nature
Nu Kua (Chinese) goddess of creation
Cerridwen (Celtic) goddess of enchantment
Geb (Egyptian) god of the earth
Mawu (Africian ) goddess of creation
Changing Woman (Apache) goddess of the earth

There are many others, to many to mention them all but their stories are similar and have been handed down for thousands of years. There is much truth in the stories, how could there not be since they all have had endured throughout all the years.

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