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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lucid Dream Statement Piece

Lucid Dreaming techniques show that your chances of having a Lucid Dream are greatly increased by doing Reality Checks often during the day. By having a Lucid Dream Bracelet Cuff on your wrist you will naturally notice the Cuff often during the day on your wrist. When you do notice the Lucid Dream Cuff ask yourself this question "Am I dreaming now?" Look at your surroundings for "Clues" that you are NOT dreaming, such as can I read something or does it look odd, do I know how I got to the place I am at right now. Then repeat this the next time you look at your wrist and see your Lucid Dream Bracelet Cuff.

Eventually you will ask your self "Am I dreaming now" and you will find that "Yes" you are dreaming and at that time you will be "Lucid" within a dream and will be able to "edit" your dream. It takes practice to be able to edit your dreams and be able to change a scary dream into a fun fantasy dream.

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