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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Materials NOT to Love

Do you create things you do NOT love to get more sales? If I did NOT love what I created I would be using materials such as Hominy, shellfish, slugs, fish scales and maybe earwax (I hate ear wax, my ears spend way too much time making this stuff to the delight of my Doctor)

Sometimes I find that a piece I am working on is becoming difficult, not looking quite right or nothing seems to work as I try this bead or that button. I find that if I just set it aside and go on to something else that when I come back to that piece everything just seems to fit and then I really do love it. Maybe I am working against the will and personality of the materials themselves and not listening to them.

I love creating new one of a kind items and have found in the process that I really love photographing them too and in doing this I have reminders of all my little friends no matter where they go to live.

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