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Sunday, October 4, 2009

PAIN and Interactive Imagery

Interactive Imagery as with most meditation techniques can ease most pain, I not saying it can cure the problem but it can help. Use images of places that make you feel happy and comfortable, go to that place in your mind. Feel the atmosphere around you, the textures below you, in your hand, on your face and focus on what they feel like and how they comfort you. If it is a warmth you enjoy then let that warmth come into the area where the pain is and imagine the pain becoming less and less as you focus on that warmth. If it is a cooling sensation you enjoy use the same method by using the coolness that you enjoy to melt away the pain. If you need visual stimulation to feel that perfect comfort you can use a soothing picture and use the technique to imagine yourself there in the picture and "feel" the textures around you. You own mind can do wonderful things if you put it to use focusing on "good" rather than the pain, you don't want to create new wrinkles in your brain by "thinking" of the pain, but rather create new wrinkled pathways in your brain that link the pain to comforting thoughts.


SY said...

This is a beautiful passage it's full of passion and gives me a new outlook on art.I read your profile about your childhood truly inspirational. Good luck!
By the way, I just started my blog a few days ago it's all about life lessons. you should check it out.

Emme Toaye said...

Thank you SY I appreciate your comments and very much would like to visit your blog site, enjoy your journey.