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Monday, December 28, 2009

Handmade design

This is a Lucid Dream art piece, and yes I do dream in color. If the dreamscape is not in color I can induce the change from black and white to color. If it is a drab dreary day in your dream you can change it into a sunny day at the beach, which is really fun if you live where I do and the rainy dreary days outnumber the sunny ones. I lived in Nevada for a number of years and I do miss that almost constant sun light. Lucid Dreaming is not something everyone can do at once, usually it takes knowledge and practice. I just can't sit around and let at least eight hours in my twenty four go by without enjoying them and learning from them. How many people can look forward to an adventure when they hit the sack at night. Not every night, mind you, but enough that it keep Lucid Dreaming fun.

Handmade design AltEred DoLL GoDdess BeWitcHing by gothB4play

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badwitch said...

I guess this is an example of one of your pictures of a glass object with a single small light source that you mentioned on my blog. It is a lovely effect.