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Monday, December 14, 2009

Lucid Dream Inspiration

After practicing my Lucid Dream techniques of asking myself several time during the day "Am I dreaming now?" and looking at something to read (if it is gibberish or hard to read your probably dreaming) and then watching a subliminal video piece on Lucid Dreaming I hit the sack. The next thing I know I am hanging lizards up to dry on an old outdoor cloths line. You would think my brain would know that this was a dream, but at the time my brain can not tell the difference. Next, I am taking pictures of someones ear which is covered with a green fungus, yech, because I thought the pattern was interesting. Still no brain recognition. Then I ask myself (out of habit) "Am I dreaming now? And I suddenly realized that YES, I was. At this point I CAN to a degree control the course of my dream. Sometimes I go to Vegas, sometimes I go to the ocean, sometimes I try to fly and sometimes I go to my workshop in this dream scape and try to create something new. Usually I get so excited that I wake myself up and upon waking I do not move a muscle. Moving causes you to forget the dream. I go over the dream a couple of times, enjoying the memories and sights and silliness. Then I roll over and start jotting down the dream into my dream journal. Believe me, when it works it's a lot of fun! I will let you know in a few weeks what I dreamed up in my dream work shop. The girl pictured here is a little Amazon warrior, or maybe a gypsy with a third eye or whatever YOU want her to be.

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Skellyton Art said...

Your little warrior is amazing! I clicked on the pic to see the full resolution. I truly was amazed at the detailed work on this little warrior! Great piece!