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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lucid Dreaming Photography

Oh that was way too fun, I had my camera in my dream! I think blogging about Lucid Dreaming and posting some of my macro photos helped me focus on adding this to my dream. I did become aware that I was dreaming and that I had a camera, I went to a place I have gone before and took a few pictures of the rooms and rooms and rooms that I sometimes encounter. I did not get lost, usually if I become aware that I am dreaming I can go where I want so I am never lost in those dreams.

So many people tell me that they never or hardly ever dream. That's not true, they just don't remember their dream. Dream amnesia occurs almost immediately upon awakening, usually as soon as you even move a muscle the amnesia sets in. When you first wake DO NOT MOVE, not even a finger, think about your dream, go through your dream from beginning to end. Then write the dream down. You may find that a partial amnesia is present if you go back a day or two later and read what you wrote. You know you wrote the information down, it's your hand writing but you may not remember dreaming some of the details. It's a really strange feeling to realize that you have forgotten details. You will get better, and have more dreams when you start to focus and write about your dreams. Why do this? Because how else can you afford to go to Las Vegas and Rome in the same night?


One Creative Queen said...

Hi Emme!

Thank you so much for leaving such a kind comment on my blog - I really appreciate it. :) I'm glad you did because it gave me the chance to find your blog - which is full of beautiful, image-rich writing, and gorgeous photos. I really love your discussions on dreaming (especially the post about whether angels dream) - and your vessels knocked me out. Mmmmm They are wonderful! Reading your posts about them, and seeing what awesome creations they are made me you think you could make one that's about 6'2" - and um, about 7' across? That way I could just climb into one - which is what I'd need to keep away all the energy vampires in my life! ;)

I will be back to check out your new posts - thank you for sharing your thoughts and life with Blogland. You are talented - keep creating! xx

Anonymous said...

Interesting altered mixed media items!

Emme Toaye said...

Sorry, sorry I just today saw this post. I'm still learning how this works, this blogging is fun but I need to read up on a few things. Thanks Queen for the wonderful words of wisdom. Love your site but just wasn't sure about getting around in here. Thanks again for the visit, I just went to your site, but my computer is having some problems with virtual memory (?) so I'm gonna let it rest a bit.