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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Memorial Marker

These are home made Memorial Grave Marker Photos and instructions for making your own using simple to buy items, glue and varnish. I started out wanting to buy Photograph Markers for my mother, and was appalled at the cost. I knew I could find a way to make my own at a much less expensive cost and I am very pleased at the outcome.

Items needed:
1. Picture frames (weather resistant)
2. K-bob skewers (weather proofed or painted)
3. Outdoor adhesive glue
4. Varnish

Pretty simple isn't it, the skewers are great because they already come with a pointed end which makes the marker easily inserted into the ground at the grave site. These are also a wonderful activity for you and your child to respectfully honor a pet who has passed on.

1. Remove the cardboard lever which allows a picture frame to sit up if there is one.
2. Coat the photo with a sheer covering of varnish to weather proof it and let it dry.
3. Insert the photo into the picture frame.
4. Glue the skewer to the back of the frame.
5. Cover the back of the picture frame with varnish.
6. Cover the picture frame sides and front with varnish.
7. Seal the crack around the picture frame glass and the picture frame so not to allow water to seep inside and ruin the photo.
8. Glue a piece of weather proof backing over the back of the picture frame to hid the area where you glued the skewer to the frame.
9. Take special care when inserting the skewer into the ground. Grip the skewer not the picture frame itself to insert the marker into the ground. You may have to wet the ground first to enable the skewer to be inserted far enough to make it sturdy enough to stand in the wind.

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FrankenBarry said...

it's been a while... lots of great new stuff! This is definitely your time of year... bet you're working on some scary new tricks and treats!