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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Love Spells

Love and it's ageless pursuits have driven us to dizzying heights for ages. And so, of course, most magical practitioners will tell you that they get more requests for love spells than anything else.  Love magic has been the staple of the wiccan herbalist for all time in history.  Almost any account of rural folklore will have frequent references to charms, talismans, potions, and amulets that people have used to draw love to their heart or the heart of a cherished one. For more views of my beautiful spell bottles and jars just google my name, mystic2awesome or see my shop at Etsy.

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lujja mbaga said...

Hello Emma if i was to ask a question and this question is not only a question but what ever you say is going to be used as materials in a new love spells book that i am writing. also you will be listed in the contributor's of this new love spells book.
of the two general love spells and black magic love spells which is the most strongest one in bringing back a lost love?