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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dream Bracelet Cuff

Lucid Dream. Dream Cuff. Lucid Bracelet. Lucid Dream Cuff. Fabric cuff by mystic2awesome. Bracelet cuff accessories for women. Hand made fabric bracelet gifts by mystic2awesome on Etsy. Lucid Dream Reality Check fabric Cuff Bracelet with elastic to fit over your hand is a one of a kind unique statement piece of fabric and beads. Lucid Dream Bracelet Cuff accessory will show off your elegant fashion style anywhere, anytime while reminding you often throughout the day (or even night) to take a reality check to enhance your ability to Lucid Dream.

This Lucid Dream cuff is hand sewn black and champagne colored fabric of a woven design with two amethyst chips with lots of little peridot colored seed beads scattered around this accessory bracelet cuff.

The mystic bracelet cuff has long black tube beads spaced around with turquoise chips and clear purple polished rock chips and more black seed beads giving this bracelet cuff an exotic look for exciting dreams.
the Lucid Dream cuff has a center abalone shell rectangle in the middle to focus attention during meditations.

As with many of my accessory fabric cuff materials I do not know their age and all are cleansed with lots of rainbows, raindrops and love, please enjoy them as I have.

The Dream Cuff length is from approximately 8 to 9 inches (elastic fit) and the width 1 1/8 inches.
One piece round elastic hand sewn into fabric bracelet.
Hand sewn fabric bracelet will not be machine perfect....but each stitch will have only positive wishes and thoughts for you.

Accessory Bracelet cuffs are for Adult use only, not recommended for children.

Fabric and Materials are recycled once loved items but now are reincarnated with a new life waiting to be loved all over again.
Not recommended for children.

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The Frog Queen said...

It is just lovely. Great work.